A Student’s Perspective: The Importance of Loving Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wa Salim

Tanvir Siddiqui, a student of IFSS grade 6B, beautifully answered a question posed by his teacher Br. Hussain Jilani. Br. Hussain had asked his students to describe in any fashion, whether it be an essay, poster, or poetry, why it was important to love Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wa Salim. There were many students with brilliant works, however, this poster was recommended for publication.

“I was surprised. The students are going above my expectations in terms of their understanding of many important Islamic concepts. I was very happy.” said Br. Hussain after class. Tanvir gave eleven reasons as to why everyone should love Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wa Salim. We will list them going clockwise on his poster.

1. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) showed us how we find peace and love in this life and the next life!

2. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the best creation with the most noble character!

3. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) set an example to mankind by the Almighty!

4. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) came with the truth and the call to Allah (SWT)!

5. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us to be patient and to never lose hope in Allah (SWT)!

6. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the most truthful and sincere in his words and deeds!

7. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ordered us to speak the truth even though against over selves!

8. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) brought humankind together based on the religion of justice!

9. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) commanded us to enjoin good and forbid evil!

10. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) he showed us to be good to people even when they are bad to us!

11. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us respect and mercy towards the aged and mildness towards children!

“So whoever tries to attack his name, should know that his honor and his nobility is already deep seated in human history and can never change.”

Br. Hussain commented that Tanvir’s work was just one out of the many excellent projects he received. All his students seemed excited and enthusiastic to continue learning and expressing themselves.