A Student’s Perspective: What does my name mean?

“My name is Sabrina bint Tariq…I think that my mom named me this because she wanted me to have patience”

Sabrina Tariq, smiling in the picture above, is a student in the 2B grade. In her third period Islamic Studies course, Br. Thymur gave his students a project that would help the younger generation of Muslims define themselves and be proud of their background and religion. Students were required to make a poster presentation between one to four minutes long of what their

names meant, the ethnic origin of their name, what their name referred to (whether it was an object, person, place, or idea), and a brief description of its history.

Students were also evaluated on the creativity and neatness of their posters.

Sabrina enlightened her classmates by talking about her name. She said that her name has an Arabic origin as it comes from “Sabr” which meant patience. In addition, she went onto saying that it also referred to a white rose.

Sabrina had received the highest grade in her class, and thus, was nominated for publication. She is one amongst over 20 students who presented.

Below are the names of the students who also did exceptionally well in 2B. Congratulations!

  • Asma Ahmed
  • Sinan Anwar
  • Emaan Dada
  • Mahreen Kamal
  • Daaniya Mirza
  • Adam Munshi
  • Alina Muzammil
  • Aqsa Patel