Editor’s Note: Alhamdulillahi Rabi ‘Alameen

The number of blessings Allah has given us are innumerable. Alhamdulillah, there are too many to count.

We are able to attend school, receive an education, go home knowing we will get food to eat, and live peacefully in a country that gives us these beautiful freedoms.

There are times where we go through hardships and tests in life; however, we have to always be thankful to   Allah. We don’t really know true pain, poverty, oppression, and hunger like others less fortunate than us may know it. But know that everything happens for a reason.

People in hardship receive more of Allah’s infinite mercy than those in ease. This is because every moment that we are in hardship, pain, or despair we are being rewarded for having Sabr (patience) and relying on Allah. If people on the Day of Judgment knew of the reward that came from tests and having Sabr through them, people would plead to

Allah to bring them back into the duniya and have their skin peeled from their bodies just so they could gain the reward for going through  hardship. Subhan’Allah.

In addition, the Sahaba Karam themselves wished they could remain in a state of trial and hardship. They did this because they knew that Allah would provide ease after every difficulty, as stated in the Majestic Qur’an. They would get worried as soon as they left the trial and the hardship ended because they don’t know what would happen afterwards!        AllahuAkbr!

We should always be thankful for the mercies and blessings Allah has given us. We thank him by remembering him and fulfilling our duty to Him. We are thankful that he guided us to be Muslims as that is our greatest blessing. Alhamdulillahi Rabil ‘Alameen.

– Br. Thymur

and Newsletter Committee