A Student’s Perspective: “The Best Marriage Gift Ever!”

As the Monthly Noor is a student driven and focused publication, we are always accepting publications including but not limited to articles, artwork, or poetry from students. As such, from 6A wanted to submit a short story she read. She was inspired by this story and wanted to inspire her fellow students by having it published in the Monthly Noor. The story is written below:

Once upon a time there lived a woman and her husband with their child. They were disbelievers. The woman’s husband went on a business trip and when he returned, the wife told him that she had accepted Islam. When the wife’s husband went on another trip, but he was killed. The village people were sad for the woman’s husband, but the woman was not sad that her husband has died. She was slightly glad since she now planned to teach her child to learn the Quran. She decided, until then, she will not marry anybody. One day, a rich man came by to ask her to marry him, but she had said no. The rich man was shocked because nobody would ever turn him down. So he asked if she wanted gold and jewelry, but she said no still. He knew that they had different religions, but he did not care. So he asked her “What do you want from me.” So she said “Destroy all your idols and come back to me if you want to marry me.” He was surprised, but he went to his house and destroyed all his idols and came back to her. So the woman taught the Shahadah to him, and he became a Muslim. Soon they got married. Islam is the best marriage gift ever!