Ramadan Shareef Preparation

It is not Ramadan yet; however, it will be in the next upcoming two months insha’Allah! We will not be having school during Ramadan as it is predicted to start the evening of July 19th this year; however, we will only certainty know as soon as we sight the crescent moon, hilal, insha’Allah!

Ramadan Shareef is a very beautiful and blessed month. Here are some different events that took place:

  • The Qur’an was first revealed
  • Battle of Badr took place in 2 A.H. (After Hijra)
  • Bibi Fatimah Radi’Allahu Anha, the blessed daughter of Habib’Allah صلي الله عليه واله وسلم left this world
  • Bibi Khadijah Radi’Allahu anha, the blessed wife of Kharil Khalqi’Allah صلي الله عليه واله وسلم  accepted Islam and become the first person to enter Islam.
  • The Holy city of Mecca Mukarama was liberated from polytheists by Rasul’Allah صلي الله عليه واله وسلم .

In this month, there are a number of blessings that Allah Subahanahu wa ta’Ala bestows upon his servants. Some of the miraculous benefits and extraordinary blessings are:

  • The Holy night of Layatal Qadr is within this month.
  • The first ten days of this month are for Rahma (mercy). The second ten days are for Istighfar (forgivness). The last ten days are for Freedom from Hell fire.
  • This is the month of sabr, patience, and those who are patient (in their fasting, abstaining from sin and food) will be rewarded with the Garden of Paradise.
  • The gates of the Garden of Paradise and the gates of heaven will surely be flung open on the first night, and they will not be closed until the last night.
  • The gates of the Fire of Hell are shut and locked, and the devils (shaytan) are shackled and tied up tight.
  • As Rajab is the month of Allah and Sha’ban is the month of Rasul’Allah صلي الله عليه واله وسلم , Ramadan is the month of the [for the] Ummah.

These are only a few of the limitless benefits from this blessed month! As Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Radi’Allahu ‘Anhu wrote in Volume III of his book Al-Ghunya li-Talibi Tariq al-Haqq, “In comparison with the other months, the status of Ramadan is like that of the heart within the breast, like that of the Prophets within the human race, and like that of the Sacred Territory of Mecca among the cities of the world. [On the Day of Resurrection] the Prophets will be intercessors on behalf of those who are guilty of sinful offences, just as the month of Ramadan wil be an intercessor on belaf of those who kept their fast. The heart if beautified and adorned by the spiritual experience and faith, just as the month of Ramadan is beautified and adorned by the light of the recitation of the Qur’an.” Subhan’Allah! There so much blessing in this month.

With the extent and amount of these blessings, this means that we have to be extra careful in how we behave and act in this month. The holiness of Ramadan Shareef must be respected, and any act of sin committed in this month will be severely punished by Allah Azawajal. As such here are some common tips that we can all incorporate to help improve our fast and better our relationship to Allah Subahanahu wa ta’Ala:

  • Fast doesn’t only mean abstaining from food! Abstain from backbiting, speaking negative things, and talking back to your elders. To fast means to abstain from ALL sin in addition to food.
  • Be good to your parents! Your parents are your vehicle to Jannah, paradise. If they are happy with you, then Allah is happy with you. This is narrated in hadith, so take it to heart!
  • Rack up on your good deeds! Every good deed in this month is multiplied. Some narrations report that good deeds are multiplied by 70 and some by 700. Subahan’Allah! Ramadan is the time to pray Tahajud, better your character, and read Qur’an.
  • Taraweeh and your connection to the Masjid! Make sure you come to the masjid and pray Taraweeh. Taraweeh is a bid’a hasanat (good innovation) which originated during the Khalifat of Umer ibn Al-Khattab Radi’Allahu ‘Anhu.

The blessings of Ramadan Shareef are numerous, so we should try our best o make the most out of this beautiful month. In addition, we should be thankful to Allah Subahanahu wa ta’Ala for the food and drink we get to indulge ourselves in at Iftar time! Although we should be focused in good works, bettering our characters, and reading Qur’an, we should also spend time with our families and enjoy the blessings Allah has given us, remembering Him always.

May Allah Azawajal grant us a blessed Ramadan Shareef insha’Allah!