Ramadan Shareef Tips!

In order to make the most of this blessed month, here are some tips we, myself especially, can all implement to get the most out of Ramadan Shareef!

  • Drink lots of water and electrolytes! Your body needs about 3 liters of water a day as reported by Mayo Clinic. Not keeping hydrated will make you weak and cranky. Make sure to be replenished in order to stand praying the 20 taraweeh rakats!
  • Cut down on spices and oil! This applies especially if you’re going to the masjid. No one wants to smell onion or garlic from someone’s mouth in the middle of ‘Isha prayer. Be sure to regularly use Miswak to freshen the mouth.
  • Watch your diet! Meat and spices make you more thirsty. If you have problems with thirst during the day, eat less meat and increase in the amount of water you drink. If you get hungry during the day, bananas and dates at suhur have been a custom remedy for hunger during the day.
  • Be careful when you go shopping! The hungrier you are when you go grocery shopping, the more likely you’ll end up buying more than you actually need. Shop early in the day in order to save yourself some money. Also, if you have children, don’t bring them in the grocery store or else they too will end up buying lots of candy.
  • Transformation is a process, not magic. Many people think that as soon as Ramadan Shareef starts, they will immediately be able to wake up for Fajr, stop committing sin, and be able to read Qur’an all day. Even though the Shaytan is locked up, that does not mean your nafs will not try to make you fall. Your self/ego (nafs) is always being stirred and tempered with by Shaytan. If you let Shaytan stir your nafs, then they will continue to stir even into Ramadan. For example, the tea in the cup will continue to swirl even after you stop stirring the tea. It takes time to better oneself, so don’t ever despair of the mercy of Allah!
  • Pray in the Masjid! This applies more to the brothers than the sisters. Brothers need to go to the masjid more, especially during this month. Itikaaf is not a bad idea for some of the younger brothers on break from school or work. Itikaaf during Ramadan is a blessed Sunnah, and Insha’Allah all the brothers can work on fulfilling such an important sunnah.
  • Read and Memorize Qur’an! Qur’an is like water for the soul. Our souls are thirsty, so let it drink the sweetest and coolest refreshment there is: the Majestic Qur’an. Rasulullah صلي الله عليه واله وسلم used to review the Qur’an with Jibrail Alayhis Salam once in the month. We should try our best to read the Qur’an cover to cover and fulfill this sunnah.
  • Love Allah by obeying Allah! Allah is tipping the tides in our favor during Ramadan Shareef. Instead of fighting a two front battle: against Shaytan and our nafs, we are now fighting a single front battle only focusing on fighting our nafs since Allah has shackled and chained all the Shayatin for us. We have to remember that love of Allah also includes being obedient to him, and this includes staying away from sins such as: backbiting, disrespecting elders/parents, taking intoxicants, not eating proper halal foods, and the list goes on.