Shahadat of Hadrat Ali رضي الله عنه – Fountain of Mercy

Hadrat Ali رضي الله عنه is the fourth Khaliph of Islam, the fourth of the four rightly guided Khaliphs, the Khulipha Rashideen. The impact he had on the progression of our deen is tremendous as his actions earned him the title “Asadullah,” “Lion of Allah.” It was this Lion رضي الله عنه  that was able to take down the impenetrable fortress of Khaybar. Hadrat Ali also married a Queen of Jannah, Bibi Fatimah Az Zahra رضي الله عنها . Being from the family of Rasulullah صلي الله عليه واله وسلم    he had done justice to the name of Islam with his innumerable noble acts. However, even with all the sacrifices Hadrat Ali رضي الله عنه made for this Ummah, he was assassinated. But Allah سبحانه و تعالي   chose the exalted fate of a shaheed, martyr, for His Lion in the month of Ramadan.

In the morning, Hadrat Ali رضي الله عنه had gone to the masjid to pray. At this time in Islamic history, the center of the Islamic state was in Kufa, Iraq. Even though the area of Iraq and other territories were under Islamic rule, there were still deviants who claimed to be Muslim, even though their hearts were with Shaytan. One such man was Ibn Muljim.

Hadrat Ali رضي الله عنه went into the masjid and started to pray; however, Ibn Muljim cowardly attacked Hadrat Ali with a poisoned sword from the back while he was in sujood. Asadullah رضي الله عنه  fell to the floor as Ibn Muljim ran away with his sword dripping with blood. Hadrat Ali was seen bleeding and was taken care of while some other companions went to catch the murderer.

Although Hadrat Ali was being bandaged, the severity of the wound and the mixing of the poison had made his recovery uncertain. A glass of milk was brought to Hadrat Ali in order to replenish his lost blood volume and quench his thirst. In this time, Ibn Muljim had finally been captured, and he was brought before Hadrat Ali رضي الله عنه  .

Ibn Muljim was breathing heavily as he stood before the Lion of Allah in fear and panic. Imam Ali noticed this and looked at the glass of milk that was handed to him, and then he looked at Ibn Muljim seeing his thirst. Hadrat Ali drank half of the glass of milk and then gave the rest of it to Ibn Muljim to finish. Even in his injured condition, Hadrat Ali was more concerned about the needs of others more than his own! He then told his son, Imam Hasan, to have mercy on Ibn Muljim and to treat him with sympathy and pity since he was trembling with fear.

Everyone there was shocked at this motion of generosity from Hadrat Ali رضي الله عنه . Not only was he placing others before himself, but he was showing mercy to his own murderer! Even Imam Hasan was himself slightly confused at this overwhelming mercy towards the hypocrite who tried killing him. It was then that Hadrat Ali clarified.

“We are the members of a house of whom any wrong committed against them, will only make them more generous, tolerant, and forgiving. Mercy and kindness are our traits and not his. I want you to feed him from your food and give him a drink from your water. Don’t tie his hands or his feet. And if I die, then you can execute a just judgment. And [if you] execute him, [do so] without [inflicting unnecessary suffering]. And don’t mutilate his body for your grandfather Muhammad صلي الله عليه وسلم   used to say; “Don’t mutilate even the body of a rabid dog”. And if I live, then I would know what to do with him, and I am rather entitled to pardon.