A Parent’s Journey

My senility knocks
Knocks strong and tough
With each passing day
My limbs feel like fluff

Quiet are my days and night
Scooped up in a humdrum way
I miss the joy of hustle & bustle
Afraid my empty nest will sway

I glance at my past
Pretty content with my life
Gave my kids the very best
Paid-off seemed all my strife

I woke them each day
With the bright sun and a smile
I invoked Allah to bless them
My dreams could wait a while

I tried to follow Allah’s commands
Instilled in them love of religion
Ensured they found solace in books
And enjoyed both fact and fiction

I didn’t waste a single moment
When I heard their cries
I rushed to soothe them
And wipe their eyes

I kissed their scabbed elbows
And bandaged wounded knees
I hugged them close
Till they giggled with glee

Tirelessly I played hide n seek
And laughed at their hackneyed jokes
Wanting each moment to count
Before they were grownup folks

I chased butterflies with them
And baked sumptuous cakes
I taught them to be fearless
Never tremble or shake

I taught them to dream big
Aim for the farthest star and leap
Never falter in trials and tribulations
As worthwhile ascents are often steep

I gave them knowledge of Islam
That Allah’s Will be their Light
They must simply have faith
Angels will protect day and night

With them I celebrated their wins
And crossed bridges of failures too
I was always there for them
With my presence their strength grew

As time flew by relentlessly
My age paled me feeble
But I was elated to see them soar
Patrol the sky like an eagle

They now shoulder many responsibilities
Valuable is every minute of their day
They can’t afford to dilly dally
To sit by me with my hair so gray

Although fleeting are their visits
I hope once again and wait
That when they come by next
They may stay until late

My eyes quietly follow their footsteps
Wishing today they may have time
To talk for hours and laugh together
And fill my heart with rhythm and rhyme

As I escort them outside to say goodbye
I stroke their hair and force a smile
That they just might turn around
And walk with me a while.

Written by Sr. Faiza Mujeeb