Islamic Foundation Sunday School-Eid ul-Adha Celebration!

Alhamdulillah, the Sunday School had a very fun and successful Eid ul-Adha celebration on November 4th, 2012. Everyone was requested to wear their Eid attire. Not only that, but many students brought in food and desserts to share with their classes. All class periods were shortened so that students could have a hour lunch in the Islamic Foundation Banquet hall. Students and teachers of all grades were invited to participate in the celebration. After the students were given lunch, Dr. Raza Akbar beautifully spoke about our beloved Nabi (صلي الله عليه واله وسلم ) and then lead the students in the recitation of Salawaat and Salaam. Br. Thymur then recited some poetry written by Hadrat Hasan bin Thabit about the beauty and jalal of Rasulullah (صلي الله عليه واله وسلم).
We at The Monthly Noor would like to thank all of the parents and staff that put in the hard work to make the event a success and enjoyable to all the students. The Sunday School administration and the PTA put many hours of work into this Alhamdulillah. A special thanks to Sr. Aliya Siddiqui, Br. Zia Razvi, Sr. Saba Azeem, Sr. Nadia Khan, and Br. Aftab Khan. May Allah bless them for giving our students an opportunity to remember the Sacrifice of Ibrahim (Alayhis Salaam) and Eid ul-Adha! Ameen!