New Year Resolutions—Hijri 1434

The Islamic New Year has begun Alhamdulillah! It is now Muharram, Hjri 1434. This means it has been 1434 years since our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (صلي الله عليه واله وسلم) migrated from Mecca Mukaramah to Medinah Munawarrah Shareef. It was a beautiful start to what would be the blossoming of Islam within a community. This also marks the start of a new year in our lives.
We are always in a dynamic state of change. We are trying to slowly inch ourselves closer and closer to Allah Azawajal, His Rasul (صلي الله عليه واله وسلم ), and His close ones. So this is the perfect time for us to ask ourselves: what do we want to change about ourselves? What can we do that will bring us closer to Allah Subahanahu wa ta’Ala? What are some New Year’s resolutions we want to make that will better us in our character and conduct? We have some space below for you to write your New Year’s resolutions! InshAllah, you will keep this list close to your heart as your make your own “Hijra” to Allah, your own journey to Him.
In addition, we want you to help your fellow and brother sisters out! How is that? We want to know what your New Year resolutions are so that other people can have some good ideas on what goals they would like to accomplish during the year. Please send us your list of resolutions to or submit them to us on our website: or our Facebook page:
We will eagerly await your submissions! We will publish any submissions we receive in our next newsletter, so help your brothers and sisters out by giving them inspiration to make their own New Year resolutions!

My Hijri 1434 New Year Resolutions:
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5. _________________________________________
6. ________________________________________
7. _________________________________________
8. ________________________________________
9. _________________________________________
10. _______________________________________