I Have Seen the World


I have seen the world
And I can’t help but wonder
At the breathless beauty
My heart is growing fonder

Dew dancing beneath our feet
Stars twinkling above our heads
Sparkles all around us
Feel the blessings so widespread

All the creation bows
Bows down in surrender
Before Your Majestic Glory
Before Your Magical Splendor

The heavens glimmer and shine
Cosmic bodies float in order
Imagine all the luxury
Waiting beyond earth’s border

I must give thanks to Allah
Thank Him day and night
Sing His praises always
From dawn until moonlight

I lift my hands in prayer
I kneel down on my knees
Please Allah protect the ummah
From straying, that’s the key

He has blessed us so
With our Prophet as the flame
The best of creation
Gave us peace when he came

Let’s all follow his footsteps
His character so sublime
We’ll reach the spiritual kingdom
Rising over the oceans of time.

Written by Sr. Faiza Mujeeb