Love and the Sacrifice of Love


During another battle, Hadrat Ali once saw an enemy approaching him. He was a handsome young man with sword in hand, ready to fight Hadrat Ali. Hadrat Ali felt sympathy seeing a young man on the battlefield and warned him, “O young man, do you not know who I am? I am Ali the invincible. No one can escape from my sword. Go and save yourself!”

Even after hearing this, the young man still continued towards Hadrat Ali, armed with his sword in hand. “Why do you wish to attack me? Why do you wish to die?” Hadrat Ali asked.

The young man answered, “l love a girl who vowed she would be mine if I killed you.”

“But what if you die?” Hadrat Ali asked.

“What is better than dying for the one I love?” he replied. “At worst, would I not be relieved of the agonies of love?”

Hearing the sincerity in his voice, Hadrat Ali took off his helmet, left his sword, and bent down on the ground extending his neck forward. Seeing the wisdom and integrity of Hadrat Ali, the love in the young man’s heart was transformed into admiration for him and the One whom Hadrat Ali loved: Allah Azawajal!