The Sun and the Moon: The Parents of Shaykh Abdul Qadr al-Jilani


Shaykh Abdul Qadr al-Jilani was a direct descendent of Rasulullah (ﷺ) (Syed) born from two righteous parents: Hadrat Syed Musa Abu Salih Jangi Dost and Hadrat Syedah Fatima Ummul Khair. Hadrat Syed Musa Abu Salih was a direct descendent of Imam Hasan, and Syedah Fatima Ummul Khair was a direct descendent of Imam Hussain, the grandchildren of Rasulullah (ﷺ). So Shaykh Abdul Qadr al-Jilani had the most virtuous of births and the most noble of lineages.

His father received the title, “Jangi Dost,” (literal meaning “friend of war”) due to his control over his inner desires and ego. He was referred to as waging war against himself, and being successful in subduing his inner desires. He was a man of much taqwa and piety who lived his life with honor and truth. It was this strong faith that he had that eventually lead to him marrying Syedah Fatima Ummul Khair, Shaykh Abdul Qadr al-Jilani’s mother.

One day, Hadrat Abu Salih Jangi Dost was doing the dhikr of Allah near a river bank; however, he had become hungry since it had been days since he last ate. He then saw an apple floating down stream, and went to go catch it. But, after eating the apple, a thought occurred to him. “What if the apple came from someone’s orchard?” If that was the case, then he would have to ask for forgiveness from the owner since he ate that which was not his. Hadrat Abu Salih was so meticulously concerned about this possibility and it affected him deeply. He started to travel upstream to find the owner of the apple to seek pardon.

Hadrat Abu Salih Jangi Dost found out that the apple did indeed come from an orchard, and it belonged to Hadrat Abdullah Sumi, an older man. After talking with him, Hadrat Abdullah Sumi found out that he was extremely honest, trustworthy, and virtuous. Not only that, but he also found out that Hadrat Abu Salih was a descendent of Imam Hasan!

With this in mind, Hadrat Abdullah Sumi told Hadrat Abu Salih that, if he wanted his forgiveness, then he would have to work for him for twelve years. Hadrat Abu Salih readily accepted.

After working hard for twelve years, Hadrat Abdullah Sumi then told him that he needed to do one more thing to receive his pardon and that was to marry his daughter who was blind, deaf, paralyzed, and crippled. Instead of refusing, Hadrat Abu Salih accepted again, showing how noble he was trying to do what he can to obtain the pleasure of Allah!

On the wedding night, Hadrat Abu Salih entered the bride’s chamber, but was shocked with what he saw. He saw that the girl in the room was overwhelmingly beautiful, radiating a light as brilliant as the moon from her face, with no signs of disability what so ever. Hadrat Abu Salih quickly left the room thinking he had entered the wrong chamber. He approached Hadrat Abdullah Sumi and asked him about what he saw as the description of his daughter did not seem to match what he himself saw of his daughter.

It was at this point the Hadrat Abdullah Sumi explained, “ I had stated my daughter was blind, because she had never seen any person with whom she could lawfully marry. She was told to be deaf because she had never paid any attention to falsehood. She was told to be paralytic because she had never touched any unlawful things. She was told to be crippled as she had never stepped towards an unjust act.” His wife was the noble, virtuous, and serene Syedah Fatima Ummul Khair, a direct descendent of Imam Hussain. And thus, the parents of Shaykh Abdul Qadr al-Jilani were united!

What we can learn:
– Be honest and trustworthy in all your affairs
– Honesty and good character pays off