Editor’s Note: Queens of Islam


From the very start of the prophetic mission of spreading Islam, until this very day, women have played a vital role in all aspects of the religion, society, and culture of Islam. In fact, it was a woman who was:
– the first to embrace Islam (Bibi Khadijah)
– the first to support Rasulullah (ﷺ ) (Bibi Khadijah)
– the first to sacrifice her life for Islam (Hadrata Sumayyah)
– one of the greatest scholars of Islam (Bibi Aisha)
– one of the people who made the biggest sacrifice for Islam in a single day (Hadrata Khansaa)

Islam has raised the status of women so high that even Heaven is under their feet! Every believing woman, Muslimah, is a Queen. And the mother of these Queens, are the Ummul Hatil Mu’mineen.
The Ummul Hatil Mu’mineen are the wives of Rasulullah (ﷺ ). They are given the status of, “The Mothers of the Believers” in the Majestic Qur’an by Allah Himself. They hold a honored and blessed position in the hearts of all Muslims because we respect, love, and learn from them just as if they were our own mothers.
It is related in the Islamic tradition that our mothers are given preference, in terms of respect, love, and obedience, three times more than our father. Islam is the only religion in the world that places such emphasis on mothers. Not only that, but it is related that Heaven is at the feet of our mothers, alluding to our duty in taking care of our mothers as a means of entering Heaven, and placing extra emphasis on their status in Islam.
Yet, if our own mothers hold such a high rank, what of the Mothers of all the Believers, the Wives of Rasulullah (ﷺ )?
They serve as role models for all mothers just as Syedah Fatimah is the role model for all daughters. We should learn about them and follow them with our hearts. They each lived their lives with the highest degree of dignity and respect. It is no wonder that Allah elevated their status by mentioning them in the Qur’an.

– Br. Thymur Dogar and TMN