Khadijah Tul-Kubrah: A Mother of the Believers

Khadijah Arabc

Khadijah was a great lady
So true, loving and kind
An avid listener and supporter
With a tender heart and a bright mind

When the first revelation descended
Our Prophet (ﷺ ) trembled in the night
Khadijah was his only source of comfort
A wife and companion who was just so right

When no one else believed
She was ever ready to trust
The Prophet (ﷺ ) depended on her
Her strength of character was a great thrust

She was the first Muslim ever
A savior for orphans and slaves
The entire city looked up to her
She walked the walk in a way so brave

She held up the banner of Islam
And encouraged the Prophet (ﷺ ) through
The thick and thin, the ups and downs
With her wealth and generosity our religion grew

She helped the poor and the needy
Her family, kinsfolk and friends
Abhorred the custom of idol worship
Welcomed “Oneness of Allah” with open hands
She sits on a status so grand
A great model for all women of this land
An exemplary mother and wife
Who knew the divine principles of life

For all the sacrifices she made
She suffered oppression and starvation
But never ran out of that unique patience
Despite the brutal persecution

Khadijah was a lady of honor and grace
With unmatched intellect and beauty
The Mother of Believers
Until last breath performed her high duty


– Sr. Faiza Mujeeb