Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti

Khwaja Ji

Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti was a prominent Muslim scholar who was born in 1141 CE (536 AH) and passed away in 1236 CE. He was born in eastern Persia: today’s eastern Iran and southern Afghanistan. His influence on the hearts of Muslims extends across the continent, and he is known for greatly impacting the hearts of millions, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

He has many titles including: Sultan-Ul-Hind, Gharib Nawaz (“Provider for the Poor”), and Khawja Ji.
Khawaja Ji grew up with a special connection to Allah. He was a Syed from both his parents so he was born with religion coursing through his veins. He would often engage in prayer and meditate. More notably, he had a strong desire and passion in service to others; thus his title, “Gharib Nawaz.”

When he was a child, he saw a blind child walking on the road in ragged and torn clothing although it was a day of Eid (celebration). After seeing this, he gave his own clothes to the blind child and accompanied him to prayer. Even though he was only a child himself, he still sought to the needs of others before himself.

He was orphaned at the age of 15; however, he still kept his connection to Allah strong and would unwaveringly worship. He sold all the property he had, donated all his money to the poor, and then set out on a journey to gain knowledge and nearness to Allah. He traveled around the Islamic world to Mecca, Madinah, Bukhara, and Baghdad. In Baghdad Shareef, he met the greatest scholar of all time, Shaykh Abdul Qadr al-Jilani (also known as Ghous Pak).

Now with the guidance and learning of Ghous Pak, he continued his education with various teachers. One year, he went on Hajj and had a dream where Rasulullah (ﷺ ) asked him to spread the light of Islam in the Indian subcontinent. And so, Khwaja Ji took up residence in India and lived the rest of his life there in obedience to Allah, changing the hearts and lives of generations of people, even until this day.

There have been many “Karamats” (miracles from Allah) that have been related to Khwaja Ji. One is as follows: A man came to Khawja Ji with the bad intention of killing him, but his intention was revealed to him. So he said, “I am here. Do whatever you desire.” Upon hearing this, the man started trembling as he was shocked that Khawja Ji knew of his evil intention. Then he took out the dagger and placed it before Khwaja Ji and asked for punishment! But Khwaja Ji said,” Revenge is not the practice of the Friends of Allah. I pardon you.” The man fell into the feet of Khwaja Ji, repented, accepted Islam, and became a student of his.

May Allah ( S.W.T.) guide us to the right path so that we acknowledge the ranks of His friends and follow their path (Ameen).

-By Sr. Nasima Kaludi