Tahajjud Poem


Here I am Allah.
I am all alone.
My family is near me,
Yet in reality,
you are the closest to me.
Hear my prayer for the oppressed.
Hear my prayer for the wronged.
Hear my prayer for the stressed.
Hear my prayer for them all.
Hear my prayer for the blind.
Who in thought and action have no sight
Hear my prayer for the ignorant.
Hear my prayer for the hearts devoid of light.
Hear my prayer for me,
for surely,
I have the worst of all these qualities.
I sit on the floor,
in front of You.
Forehead on the ground,
I surrender to You.
Take care of my soul,
for I only wrong myself.
Rasulullah would not be happy,
to see these black spots on my heart.

I am always guilty of sin,
why can’t this blackness depart? 
Leave me together with my Lord,
He is the true owner of my heart. 
I wonder if my tears will testify for me,
proving my sincerity,
how very little that may be?
Allah, you are my witness.
Please grant me sanctity.


Take me on my mi’raj so I can wake up and start anew.
To love everyone with compassion so true.
To fill my heart with Noor so bright.
So I can stay on the straight path, sift wrong from right.
To make my inward and outward character the same.
So I can fight my hypocrisy and stay away from shame.
To see Your beloved, Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wa Alihi wa Salim.
So I can respect him, learn of him, and love him. 
To love him, his family, and companions too.
His love is so pure, it extends to everyone, his enemies too.
He is my light, my guide, my love, my life.
He is why I am here before You tonight.
My heart is weak and devoid of light.
Oh, how I long to see them, my plight.
To soften my heart and release it from its chains.
So I can wake up to Islam, pure Light as my mane.
Bibi Fatimah my mother,
Ali my king.
Imam Hasan and Hussain my masters,
sacrificing their lives for this ummah and me.
I wish to serve them in Your love.
A love that can extend and transform anyone.
Bath me in their Light, compassion, and love.
And I promise I will be as free as a dove.


Flying high in the sky away from sin.
Freedom at last, to heaven I ascend.
To meet my masters and serve them with no end.
My heart opening with clarity. My heart lightening to Haq.
In reality, Madinatul Munawarrah is for me enough.
Ya Tayyibah, Ya Tayyibah it is your Light I see.
Purifying my heart, soul, and destiny.
Whose sand and dirt is more beloved to me,
than the untouched gardens and rivers of Jannah so clean.
Untouched from the feet, of the Best of Creation, the Noble and Elite.


But when the time comes for you to bless,
the gardens of Jannah with your tabbaruk hands.
I pray to be with you wherever you may be.
My Jannah is with you, My Jannah is with thee.
Ya Allah, keep my eyes moist with love.
Don’t let them forget how to cry in love.
Don’t let them forget how to cry in fear of You.
Verily, in the end, everything shall return to You.
Verily, in Your remembrance do hearts find rest.
This is why I’m here
on the floor
my heart in Madinah Munawarah
soul content.