Editor’s Note: The Month of Rasulullah (ﷺ)- Month of Mercy


Sha’ban is a month between two blessed months, Rajab and Ramadan Shareef. Our Beloved Nabi (ﷺ) warned us to not be negligent of this month as it leads directly to the month of Ramadan. Unfortunately, it often goes that this month is neglected even though the merits of Sha’ban are endless!

Allah (Exalted and Majestic is He) bestowed many gifts upon us all during this month including but not limited to, treasures being laid open, the sending down of blessings, faults being forgiven, sins being expiated, and the sending of peace and blessings upon Rasulullah (ﷺ) being multiplied many times over. It is a month of Mercy.

Rasulullah (ﷺ) gave us two methods to prepare ourselves for Ramadan Shareef: fasting abundantly and sending benedictions upon him. It is narrated that Bibi ‘Aysha (May Allah be well pleased with her) said that she never saw Rasulullah (ﷺ) fast more in any other month besides Ramdan Shareef than in Sha’ban. In this month, our deeds are presented before Allah (Exalted and Majestic is He); therefore, it is best that our deeds be presented to our Lord in a state of fasting, as such is the Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet (ﷺ).

In preparation for Ramadan Shareef, we should use these days to wash our hearts, repent from any past sins, and clean ourselves from the holds of our nafs (ego). Thus, with fasting, we beseech Allah for His help, guidance, and purification; and with Salawaat wa Salaam, we appeal to Allah (Exalted and Majestic is He) through His most Beloved (ﷺ ) until our corrupt hearts are set straight, and our inner sicknesses are cured since “[w]hen someone pronounces a single blessing on me, Allah blesses him ten times.”

With the month of Rajab now behind us, and the month of Ramadan Shareef on the horizon, let us seize this opportunity of submission and devotion to Allah (Exalted and Majestic is He) in the month of Sha’ban- the month of Rasulullah (ﷺ)- the month of Mercy.

– Br. Thymur Dogar and TMN Team