How to be a Gentleman: Love


The time has arrived for us to realize and understand that the key for success in any endeavor to creative cultural, political, economical reform, or reform in any realm of life even in the realm of human development will not bear fruit if it is not based upon an understanding of love and mercy.

La ilaha Illallah” rejected the illusion of there being any divine other than God. And the person saying or the person realizing that they do not truly believe until they love for those who surround them that which they love for themselves rejects and repudiates the illusion that they can ascend in the levels of faith without improving in their relationship and loving for the others what they love for themselves.

When your oppressor succeeds in stripping you of your ability to love and of the state with which you can live the meaning of mercy, then he has put an end to your potential for advancing, he has destroyed it. Only if he succeeds, this means that he has robbed you of your future.

God (SWT) says, “God has not forbidden you to be charitable and just to those who have not fought you over religion or driven you from your homes, for God loves the just.”
Meaning: the Muslim who does good to people of other religions who are not at war or fighting him at that moment and does well to them, attains the rank of belovedness with God because these actions make you beloved to Him.

And hence, at the precise moment you feel angry, hurt, or upset to the extent that you cannot love, stop for a moment and retreat from the situation. Seclude yourself with sincerity and turn to God and ask Him to restore your ability to love.

However that I love my neighbor unconditionally, I love for him what I love for myself without qualification. Even if he mistreats me. Even if he is wicked. Even if he is corrupt. Even if he is a disbeliever. If I don’t love for him what I don’t love for myself , my faith is not perfect. This is a true test. This is the reality of religion. When a person is freed from the whims of the ego, he lives the meaning of religion. He realizes the meaning of fairness in his life.

If you’re a Muslim, make ablution (wudu) and pray two cycles (Rakat) of prayer in your prostration feel, sense the meaning of closeness (to God). “A servant is closest to his Lord while prostrating.”
Complain to Him about yourself before you complain to Him about your situation. Complain to Him about your weakness in the face of the attempts around you that seek to strip you of your being. The secret of being which is love.

And if you’re not a Muslim, and you are a Christian, then refer back to the words of Christ (As) when he said, “Love thy enemies and bless them that curse you.” This is not weakness as some who have not understand these words erroneously imagine. The one who can love those who show enmity towards him is a strong person.

Is that not difficult? Let’s admit it, it’s difficult. So if you admitted that is difficult, then you acknowledged that it is a challenge. So then if you admitted that it’s a challenge, then you acknowledge that it’s going to need power, it’s going to take strength. [So let’s find the strength to create an environment of mercy and love.]
– From Habib Ali al-Jifri– Power of Love