The Chosen One


I wonder about your flawless character
I wonder how many souls you healed
I wonder about your profound wisdom
That became our ummah’s shield

A figure of amazing humility
Twinkling brighter than the stars
Illuminating the world’s ends
Brightly shining near and far

You are Allah’s mercy on mankind
That still keeps us comfy and warm
Just like a fluffy blanket
Fighting storms of evil harm

You rushed to care for the needy
Helping all friends even foes
You made the rich and poor alike
Pray together in disciplined rows

You were an emblem of obedience
A precedent never seen
You eliminated the darkness
Like a piercing light beam

“Allah is only One”
You proclaimed this fact indeed
Not only in loud words
But showed in greatest of deeds

Your arch enemies would mock at you
Grinning foolishly from ear to ear
Never did you raise an eyebrow
Nor give up Divine Mission in fear

They challenged and threatened you
They hurt you over and over again
Even slew your kith and kin
Causing much grief and pain

When attempts on your life
Grew fierce and dangerous
They hurled stones at your person
Vainly believed they were victorious

When blood began to drip
Covering you from head to toe
Your strength never wavered
You were determined not to let go

Your faith was so strong
As hard as a rock
Never grew tired or weary
Working against the clock

You endured all the trials
With patience so high
I try to imagine
Until I start to cry

A river of forgiveness
Flowed in your veins
Sweeping away the malice of enemies
Pouring forth like rain

Your words were soft and kind
You were a generous giver
You brought glad tidings
To the faithful believers

Your smile lifted the lowest spirits
Your support made battalions brave
You taught us to gain knowledge
From cradle to the grave

All angels send you blessings
In the heavens far above
I too feel very fortunate
To be able to send you love

On the day of resurrection
When only Allah’s shade will prevail
I beg Allah to pardon us
To make us win, not fail

A final prayer I wish
And then we would’ve surely won
May Allah bestow Muslims in Paradise
Company of His Chosen One

– By: Sr. Faiza Mujeeb