Editor’s Note: The Month of Proximity– Ramadan Shareef

Ramadan Shareef Mubarak

Allah is waiting for you. There is nothing in your way. In this month, Allah has taken away all the shayateen; He has closed the doors of Jahanum (Hell); and He has multiplied good deeds by many times over. Seek Allah, and you will find Him. Return to Him.

There have been many acts of worship established in the month of Ramadan including fasting, reading Qur’an, taraweeh, and qiyam al-layl (night prayer). However, we have to remember that these acts are simply the means to our main goal this month, attaining and increasing in taqwa by returning to Allah.

This is a month of remembering the purpose behind every action we do, the ‘ibadat we pray, and even every breath we take. This is our month to polish our intentions and perfect our ‘ibadat.
This is so important that our Beloved Prophet (ﷺ) said himself that it’s possible that Allah makes no notice of our actions. The late nights we pray, the long days we fast, and the Quran we have read all have the capacity to mean nothing! If our intention is not correct, and if our heart is not in a state of love and remembrance, then this will be the unfortunate state of our affairs.

In order to stop this from happening, we have to reap the benefits of this month. In hadith, this month is our month, the month of the ummah so Allah made this month for us. It is not enough that we spend our days in ‘ibadat without noticing change within our hearts. This not only means bettering ourselves in prayer, Quran, and health, but also in character.
Islam is multi-dimensional, and so is the believer. We must strive to excel in everything that brings us closer to Allah.

Unless we strive to perfect all aspects of our human condition, Allah is of no need of our mediocrity. This month, Allah tells us not to settle for mediocrity. We have to perfect and focus on all aspects of our heart, the inner and outer. Let us monitor the condition of our hearts, and watch it blossom this Ramadan Shareef. InshAllah

-Thymur Dogar and TMN Team