Battle of Badr: Friday morning 17th Ramadan 2 AH


Habban ibn Wasi ibn Habban (raa) told me on the Authority of some elders of his tribe that on the day of Badr the apostle dressed the ranks of his companion wth an arrow which he held in his hand.

As he passed by Sawad ibn Ghaziya (raa), an ally of Ibn’Adiy ibn al-Najjar (raa), who was mustansil (standing out of line) he pricked him in his belly with the arrow, saying, “Stand in line, O Sawad!”

“You have hurt me, O apostle of Allah,” he cried, “and Allah has sent you with right and justice so let me retaliate.”
The Battle of Badr was one of the turning points in history of Islam. It was the Battle between truth and falsehood. In many Muslim societies special ceremony and prayers are held in memory of Badr warriors on this day. Our deeds are far less and incomparable to deeds of those who sacrificed their health and wealth for the sake of Islam. There were 313 warriors fought in Badr and fourteen of them got martyred. Their names are seen adorned in marble plates kept in Badr. Though visit to this unforgettable site is regulated nowadays, many believers reach there and offer special salutation to the martyrs of Badr.

The apostle uncovered his belly and said “Take your retaliation.”
Sawad (raa) embraced him and kissed his belly. He asked what had made him do this and he replied, “O apostle of Allah, you see what is before us and I may not survive the battle and as this is my last time with you I want my skin to touch yours”.
The apostle blessed him. [Ibn Ishaq]