Our Beloved Prophet (ﷺ )


Our Beloved Prophet (ﷺ): Miracles

1. While walking out in the countryside, Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) heard the same voice three times, saying, “O! The Prophet of Allah!” He looked and saw a deer fastened to a man sleeping near it. He asked the deer what it wanted. The deer said, “This man caught me, but I have two babies over there on the opposite hill. If you free me, I will feed them and come back again.” The Holy Prophet asked, “Will you keep your words, will you come back?” The deer promised saying, “I promise for the sake of Allah. If I do not come back the torment of Allah will be on me.” The Holy Prophet freed the deer. It came back after a while. The Holy Prophet again fastened it. At that moment, the man woke up and saw the Prophet and said, “O, Prophet of Allah, what can I do for you?” He told him: “Set this deer free!” The man unfastened the rope and set the deer free. The deer kicked up its heels from the ground cheerfully and said, “Ash’hadu an la ilaha illa’llah wa annake rasullullah,” (I bear witness that there is no god except Allah and you are the Messenger of Allah) and went away.

2. One day the Prophet (ﷺ) asked a peasant to convert to Islam. The peasant said if the Prophet (ﷺ) revived his neighbors dead daughter he would convert to Islam. They went to her grave. He called the girl by her name. A voice was heard from the grave and she appeared. The Holy Prophet (ﷺ) asked: “Do you want to come back to the world?” The girl answered, “O! Prophet of Allah! I do not want to come back to the world. I am happier here than I was in my father’s house. The next world for a Muslim is better than this world.” The peasant eye-witnessed these happenings and converted to Islam immediately.

3. Jabir bin Abdullah (may Allah be pleased with him) cooked a sheep. The Holy Prophet (ﷺ) and his Companions ate it. He said: “Do not break its bones!” The Prophet gathered the bones and put his holy hands upon them and prayed. Allah revived the sheep.