The Beauty of the Holy Quran


How empty our lives would be
How meaningless our days
How worthless our existence
Without the Quran kindling the ways

How bereft of Divine Guidance
And how dark and gloomy the nights
Without Allah’s Word everlasting
Cleaving through like glorious morning light

Quran encompasses our entire being
Since birth stays a true friend
Whenever a disease afflicts our hearts
Whenever we need a helping hand

It contains the Truth from the Omnipotent
A spiritual healing for all mankind
When it descended on our Prophet (pbuh)
Guidance, Mercy and Compassion all combined

It’s a Book like no other book
Intensely enlightening the depressed heart
The reciter, the listener and the learner of Quran
Testify that it’s a world apart

From the deepest depths of ignorance
Into the highest Realm of Wisdom
This Book ostracizes all doubts
Makes crystal clear His Reigning Kingdom

The Holy Quran is a Sign of all signs
An admonition for the future unseen
A source of relief and happiness unbound
An unshakable pillar on which Muslims lean

The words in the Book resonate so true
Teach us to pray, plan and set lofty goals
Alert us to an Omnipresent force
Liberate the imprisoned, captive souls

An eloquent expression that overwhelms
Irrefutable is the decree that beguiles
A language epitomizing the cadence of heart
Transcends all disparity in a unique style

Its support and encouragement never withers
A powerful antidote to spiritual ills
A miracle that will be our salvation
And save our souls from tumbling downhill

Those who hold this Book so dear
And follow the principles laid down
They are but a chosen few
Encrusted like sparkly jewels in a crown

Quran was revealed in the holy Ramadan
A month of mercy and forgiveness
Let’s follow our Prophet’s (pbuh) lead this month
The Message is our protection, our harness

May we ascend its mountain of knowledge
May we experience the joys of recitation
May its ayahs be preserved on our tongues
May we become focused on His veneration

In awe and inspiration of the Holy Quran
The endless blessings and rewards do flow
May Allah bind us to His final Revelation
May our love and reverence grow

Written By Sr. Faiza Mujeeb

When the Prophet (SAWAWS) began reciting Quran in the presence of the Quraysh, all of them were rendered paralyzed by the powerful words, unable to stop him or ridicule him. He reached the closing verse: ‘Prostrate before Allah and worship Him [alone]. [Najm.62] & he prostrated. Miraculously, all of the Quraysh were so overcome by the recitation that they prostrated along with him.