Editor’s Note: Eid Mubarak!

eid fitr

Alhamdulillah, we have lived through the month of Ramadan, and we sincerely pray Allah allows us and our families to live to the next.
During the month, the devils were chained, our nafs (egos) were subdued, and our physical health improved. It is always with great sadness that we see this month come to an end. Even more sad, some of us begin to revert to our normal ways. But the feeling of change, and the feeling of Ramadan Shareef does not have to end!

There is a way to keep these feelings of positivity: by staying consistent in our pursuit of attaining Allah’s pleasure and remaining selfless. By giving up our desires and putting Allah before our own needs, we are in fact becoming a true Muslim: one who submits all their desires to please Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’Ala).

The first step in this process is removing nifaq (hypocrisy) from one’s inner character. The second step is to increase one’s love for Allah, to be a true, humble, and devout servant. For that we must study, analyze, and follow the Greatest of Allah’s Servants, Al-Abdullah Sayyidinah Mustafa (ﷺ). This can only be accomplished by giving him complete and unconditional love.

From Qur’an al-Majeed and Hadith Shareef we know that his love can only be obtained by loving his family (Ahle Bayt) with sincere devotion and showing respect to his companions (Sahaba).

It is for this reason we are strongly urged to send constant salawat (peace and blessings) to him and his family.

Allahumma Sali’Ala Sayyidinah Muhammad wa ‘Ala Alihi Sayyidinah Muhammadwa Barik wa Salim

Oh Allah, send blessings upon our Master Muhammad and to the family of our Master Muhammad with blessings and peace.
It is only by their love can we achieve God’s love!

-The Monthly Noor Team