Deeds that Equal the Reward of Hajj


Only a select few individuals are invited by Allah to go on the blessed pilgrimage of Hajj. To be cleansed of all sins, and to have love of Allah enter your heart are the some of the biggest miracles and blessings Allah (Azawajal) can give us.

But for those of us who cannot go or do not have the means to go, while we make du’a that Allah invite us soon inshAllah Ammen, there are still many acts of worship we can do that will give us the massive rewards associated with Hajj. The following deeds are some things we can do that will grant us the reward of performing a nufl Hajj or better inshAllah:

– Do wudu at home before proceeding to pray salaat in Jamaat (congregation) [Abi Dawud]
– Pray Salatul Ishraaq after praying Fajr in jamaat. Salatul Ishraaq is a 2 rakat nufl prayer that is prayed 15 minutes after the end of Fajr [Tirmidhi]
– Go to the masjid to either acquire or teach knowledge [Tabarani]
– Do Umrah in Ramadan Shareef. Doing this is equal to performing Hajj with our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) [Sahih Muslim]
– Recite “SubhanAllah” 100 times in the morning and evening [Tirmidhi]
– Serve your parents and treat them with love and respect [Abu Ya’la and Tabarani]
– Attend ‘Isha congregational prayer [narrated by Uqbah ibn ‘Abdil Ghaafir, reliable Tabi’e]
– Fulfill the needs of a fellow Muslim. If they need help with something, then do not hesitate to help them for it is better then a nufl Hajj. [Narrated by Imam Hasan al-Basri]
– Fulfilling obligatory deeds are better than a nafl Hajj as in Bukhari Shareef, it is narrated that performing fard acts are the best way of attaining closeness to Allah.
– Performing good acts during the first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah is better then a nufl Hajj since there is a hadith that says any good act done in these 10 days supersedes the reward of struggling in the name of Allah which in itself is better than an optional Hajj [Hafidh Ibn Rajab]

So although these actions are filled with blessings, and inshAllah Ameen, we will be rewarded of the blessings of doing a Hajj or nufl Hajj, this does not mean that doing these acts replace the actual obligation of Hajj.

Hajj is an absolutely beautiful experience, and most people come back changed. These above bullet points are only a means of obtaining the reward of completing the Hajj, not necessarily the act of doing so. If one has the means, there is no experience like Hajj and they should go. If ones has the means, and they never went on Hajj before, they have to go as soon as possible as it is a fard we must accomplish at least once in our lifetimes.

But for those of us who do not have the means either due to familial, health, financial, or a valid circumstance, we can try our best to focus on these acts and other good acts so we too can reap the rewards associated with the sacred month of Dhul-Hijjah.

As people are transforming their lives in the Harum Shareef, we too should be focusing on transforming our lives at home. We should never go a day without improving some aspect of ourself.

InshAllah, I pray that all those who have not done Hajj yet are invited soon into the Divine presence of their Lord in this grandiose event inshAllah Ameen.