Editor’s Note: Standing up for the Truth

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If the Beloved Prophet (ﷺ) has taught us anything, then among the many, he taught us an important lesson. One that the Qur’an amplified numerously: It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather a profoundly faithful few, who are keen to uphold the truth and sacrifice for it.

To be the example of a candle that burns itself illuminating the way for others, to give the ultimate sacrifice to enlighten the path of the truth, as the truth and only the truth shall set you free.

In a very famous Hadith, the Beloved Prophet (ﷺ) says: “ Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain”.
The meaning entailed by this Hadith is not that I am Hussain’s grandfather, as this is an obvious fact. The meaning sheds light that Hussain is like me, Hussain’s line is similar to my line, Hussain’s message is my message, Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain.
But the whole battle is for man’s keeping hold of Haqq and Freedom. And that can only be done by the highest examples of man’s conduct – spiritual striving and suffering enduring firmness of faith and purpose, patience and courage where ordinary mortals would give in or be cowed down, the sacrifice of ordinary motives to supreme truth in scorn of consequence.

The martyr bears witness, and the witness redeems what would otherwise be called failure.
It so happened with Al-Imam Al-Hussain, the Master of the youth of Ahlul Jannah. For all were touched by the story of his martyrdom, and it gave the deathblow to the tyrant politics of Yazid bin Mu’awiyah and all the oppression it stood for.

Imam Al-Hussain being alive, more alive than ever, not only externally but living profoundly deep in our hearts, in our souls, and in our minds, has still the power to ignite the light of truth in the heart of all free, to send a message to the courageous not to bow down to evil, and to teach people not to surrender to tyranny and falsehood.

– Br. Thymur Dogar and TMN team