Editor’s Note: Let Your Love Show


Fall in love. Lose yourself completely in love. You’ll be able to see sweetness in everything around you. When in love, all your hardships go away, you forget all your worries, and you can’t stop smiling. Nothing else matters except your beloved, and even the most bitter food becomes sweet- because you are in love. Your heart starts beating, faster and faster, and tears flow down your eyes. Your throat becomes dry, your breaths become quick and shallow, and you can no longer speak, yet your heart weeps, “I love you.”

When we often find ourselves easily falling in love with our spouses, money, or worldly desires, shouldn’t we try to fall in love with Rasulullah (ﷺ)? He would spend countless nights praying for us and sacrificed everything he had. How can we not completely love and be thankful to the one who is not only the Beloved of God (HabibAllah), but is also a mercy for us and all creation (Rahmatilil ‘Alameen)?

Our very religion is built on this foundation, and the companions of our beloved Rasulullah(ﷺ) knew this best. Hearing about the stories of love the Sahabah and even inanimate objects had for him should make us cry and yearn for Rasulullah (ﷺ). Love for Rasulullah (ﷺ) is the secret to the ranks of the Sahabah and the Awliyah (Friends of Allah).

So don’t hold in your passions for Rasulullah (ﷺ). Let your love show. True love isn’t simply learning about him. Do we wish to see his blessed face? Do we smile when we think of him? Do we cry when we read about him? Do our hearts soften when we hear his name? Do our eyes moisten with his remembrance? With every breath we take, every moment we exist, do we long to be with him?

Love is that which brings hearts from darkness into light and completes faith. We must live our life in love. And not just once a year, but we have to fall in love every second, every day of our lives, following the footsteps of the Sahabah and Allah’s close ones.
So when people see you, they should know you’re a lover of Rasulullah (ﷺ). Let your tears testify for you on the Day of Judgment, let your smile be a proof for your love, and let your heart be a guide for you into Light.

Fall in love, and see where Allah takes you.