The King’s Secret– Hadrat Abdul Muttalib


Two years after the birth of Sayyidinah Rasulullah (ﷺ), there was a King named Saif bin Ziyazan who had just became king of Yemen and exiled different groups who had been occupying the area. With his new position of power, the Arab tribes wanted to congratulate him on his success so many delegations went to King Saif including three chiefs of the Quraysh: Hadrat Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim (the Grandfather of Sayyidinah Muhammad (ﷺ), Ummayyah bin Abd Shams, and Abdullah bin Jadaan.

When they arrived at the King’s palace they found many representatives and princes from other neighboring tribes and countries as well wanting to congratulate the king. Hadrat Abdul Muttalib went forward towards the king and asked permission to speak, and the following dialogue took place:

King Saif: If you know the manners to speak in the royal courts, you may speak.

Hadrat Abdul Muttalib: O king! God has bestowed you with splendor and glory; you are the best by your ancestry, you are the chief of all of Arabia, you are the spring with which all of Arabia is green. Your ancestors were the best ancestors for us and you are the best successor to them. He shall never perish whose successor is like you. And he shall never remain ignoble whose ancestors are like yours.

King Saif: O the man! Please introduce, at first, yourself.

Hadrat Abdul Muttalib: Sire! I am Abdul Muttalb bin Hashin bin Abd Manaf.
King Saif: Then you are our nephew.

Hadrat Abdul Muttalib: Right you are my lord.

King Saif: Welcome! For you here is a she-camel as well as the saddle and a vast plain to erect your tent. And of course a king whose generosity sees no boundaries. I heard you, I identified your relation, and accepted your intercession. As long as you are here, you shall be respected, and as you set out for the journey, you shall be bestowed with great gifts. Now go to the royal guest house, you shall be served as the royal guest.

Hadrat Abdul Muttalib stayed there for one month; neither had King Saif allowed him to go back nor did he call upon him. Then he called him into his seclusion and they spoke:

King Saif: Abdul Muttalib! I want to share my secret with you, and I hope you shall keep it with you until God allowed expressing it. We have a book which we keep secret, it is specific for us, no other is aware of it. It contains a special prestige for you.

Hadrat Abdul Muttalib: O king! God bless you; what is that?

King Saif: When a child takes birth in Tehamah between whose shoulders will be a mark, he will be the king of the entire Arabia. By his benedictions, you shall command respect and leadership of the whole Arabia until Doom’s Day.

Hadrat Abdul Muttalib: If the king is willing, I beseech to please apprise me of the glad tiding you tell about so I may please more.

King Saif: The era of the birth of the blessed child had come. He might have taken birth, his blessed name is Muhammad. Between both of his shoulders is a mark, both of his parents shall pass away; his grandfather and then his uncle will bring him up. He will worship the only God; shall turn down the devil, break the idols, and extinguish the fire. His talk will be the final, and his decision will be a complete justice.

Hadrat Abdul Muttalib: O king! May your neighbors live respectfully forever. And you the blessed, may you live long and rule forever. Would you please give a further description?

King Saif: I swear by the House wrapped in covers o Abdul Muttalib! You are his grandfather, in it is not the slightest doubt.

Hadrat Abdul Muttalib bowed down.

King Saif: Get up, may your bosom cool down. Have you felt the thing I described?

Hadrat Abdul Muttalib: Yes O king! I had a son whom I loved very much. I married him to a modest and respected woman whose name was Aminah bint Wahb. She gave birth to a son whom I named Muhammad.
He is a posthumous child– I and his uncle are his guardians. Between his shoulders is a mark, and he possess all those signs have mentioned.

King Saif: Then do take care of your child and especially be careful from the Yahoodis for they are his deadly enemies, but God will never let them have dominance over him. The things I have discussed with you, you must not tell to your companions for I am afraid they will become jealous. And had I not known I would die before his prophethood, I would have gone to Yathib with an army of riders and infantry to make the city my capital for it is written in my book that his religion would flourish and cement in that very city, it would be where his burial place is, and the inhabitants of the city would be his ansaar, helpers.

Then the king called the other members of the deputations of the Quraysh and gifted ten camels, ten slave girls, ten rital silver, ten rital gold, and a pot full of musk to each member. But he gave ten times all of this to Hadrat Abdul Muttalib. He urged him to come next year to tell him about the blessed child; however, before the end of the year, King Saif Ziyazen passed away.

Hadrat Abdul Muttalib addressed his fellow Quraysh under his order when he set out to journey,
“O people of Quraysh! The king has gifted me ten times more than you, but you should not be envious of me for all these articles are to be perished. If anything is worthy of envy at all, it is the eternal thing.” They asked him what that very thing was and he replied, After a time, you would hear a proclamation.

The proclamation, referring to the calling from our Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) to Islam!


– Zia un Nabi