Ya Noor al ’Ayn

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Ya Noor al ‘Ayn
You are the light of my eyes
That enters my soul
And to my heart brings life

How could you not 
Be to me most Beloved?
When the Best of Creation said
That you are a part of him?

From him you took your Light
and you were taught Islam
Raised by Tahira the bright
With your Father al-Imam

Even the Hoor ‘Ayn envy
the beauty you possess,
the Light you carry,
And the Kawthar you represent

The spring of strength of Asadullah
Raising a Shaheed who sacrificed all for truth
Indeed, only an Empress of Jannah 
could make and raise a house so pure

So strong was your bond
between yourself and Rasulullah (ﷺ)
That when he departed this world
Your pure heart was torn apart

The agony of a lover from separation
from her beloved is the worst pain indeed
Allah put you through the most difficult test
Your tears, a witness to your creed

Never will I forget the du’a you would make
How you spent all your time asking for others
Asking forgiveness for their mistakes
Forgetting yourself, as would a mother

Ya Tayyibah, Ya Zahra
Oh how I pray to be close to you
A guiding light that grants me peace
As a servant of the lineage from you

You are mercy from mercy
You are a light from light
You are as your name suggests
The one who sifts wrong from right

So show me mercy
and grant me a place near your heart
serving your children till the end
A part of your family, saving me from the dark