Our Beloved Nabi (ﷺ): Did You Know…


Did you know that our Beloved Prophet (ﷺ): 

1. He (ﷺ) would make du’a for you at night

2. His (ﷺ) eyes would close, but his pure heart remained awake

3. When you send peace and blessings upon him (ﷺ), he (ﷺ) sends peace and blessings back upon you

4. When you commit bad deeds, they are presented to him (ﷺ), and he (ﷺ) asks Allah to forgive you. And when you commit good deeds, they are also presented to him (ﷺ), and he (ﷺ) becomes happy and proud of you.

5. He (ﷺ) will be the only Prophet able to intercede for you and everyone on the Day of Judgment

6. He (ﷺ) is the most beloved to Allah (HabibAllah)

7. He (ﷺ) is both a human being and light (noor)

8. He (ﷺ) didn’t have a shadow because he emitted a light (noor) brighter than the sun as both the sun and moon take their light (noor) from him (ﷺ)

9. He (ﷺ) is a mercy and blessing to everything in creation

10. He (ﷺ) loves you…as he (ﷺ) said himself,
“Inni la u Hibuk.”
Indeed, truly I love you.