Editor’s Note: The Secret of Hajj

eid bakara

Many Muslims around the world eagerly await the coming of the Hajj every year. It is a pilgrimage where Muslims leave everything behind them to set out on a journey to the House of God (Kabah Shareef). In this, they put their lives on hold and make God their priority for two or more weeks.

During Hajj, pilgrims wear two shrouds of white cloth symbolizing the same dress one will be draped in when buried after passing away. Millions of Muslims will be wearing the same thing– the poor, the rich, the scholars, the bakers, the doctors, the janitors, the lawyers. Everyone will be the same. It’s a beautiful metaphor for the selflessness and humility we are supposed to have, placing ourselves among the rest of the ummah.

All of the rites and rituals of Hajj are a process of purifying one’s heart and intentions of worldly desires. Each stage in Hajj is a metaphor for cleaning ourselves of our nafs (ego), and understanding that our lives should be defined by service to others, not service to self. True happiness lies in the happiness of others. When we see everyone walking and praying with each other, all dressed in the same or similar clothing, it strikes a deep cord in the heart of the believer– a cord of love.

The Hajj has many secrets, but one such secret is preparing our hearts for love of Allah, love of our Prophet (ﷺ), and love for each other as brothers and sisters.

Love is that which makes one forget oneself. The lover can only think of the beloved. The lover’s wants become replaced with the beloved’s wants. The lover disappears, his own desires no longer matter, and his heart becomes filled with the light of the one whom he loves.

In Hajj, the rituals and rites are preformed with the intention of leaving the world of its desires, cleaning ourselves of sins, and becoming selfless all so our heart can open and receive the love of Allah. Our hearts can only receive such divine love when they are clean of our own selfish desires, and the desires of Allah and His beloved Prophet (ﷺ) take their place.

The number of secrets contained within Hajj are incomprehensible, and Hajjis come back with a special barakah in all their dealings. May we all benefit from such blessings- Ameen!