The Mahr of Bibi Hawa

color O Allah durood

It was while Hadrat Adam (Alayhis Salaam) was sleeping that Allah created Bibi Hawa (Eve) from the short rib in his left side, so he woke up from his slumber and saw Bibi Hawa sitting there beside him.

“To whom do you belong?” he said to her.

“To you,” she replied.

Then he wanted to touch her, but he was told: “You must not touch her until she has been given your dowry (mahr).”

“My God,” said he, “What is my dowry (for her)?”

Allah (Exalted is He) explained:
“It is that you invoke My blessing upon the Prophet of the end of the age (Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) by reciting salawat/durood shareef), ten times over. That is her dowry (from you).”

– Al Ghunya Li Talibi Tariqal Haq