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The Greatness of Abu Bakr As-Siddiqi (Siddiqi Akbar)

While addressing the people, Hadhrat Ali Rad’Allahu ’Anhu once asked, “O people! Who is the most courageous person?” “You are, O Ameerul Mu’mineen,” the people submitted. Hadhrat Ali Radi’Allahu ‘Anhu then said, “Although… Continue reading

Ramadan Shareef Preparation

It is not Ramadan yet; however, it will be in the next upcoming two months insha’Allah! We will not be having school during Ramadan as it is predicted to start the evening of… Continue reading

Teacher’s Corner—Summer Advices: Timeless Threads

Summer is here! Alhamdulillahi Rabil ‘Alameen! School is finally out. No more getting ready for  school early Sunday morning. No more last minute Surah memorization. No more hurriedly finishing of Sunday School homework.… Continue reading

The Story of Zulfiqar

Amr bin Abduwud was of a tremendous height and bulk, and while on his feet would tower above his fellow men. Sitting on his great horse, he looked positively unreal. Big, strong and… Continue reading

A Student’s Perspective: “Who are the Ahlayl bayt and why is it important to love them?

The following article was written by seventh grader, Jazil Nadeem. His work was chosen from his class to be published. Masha’Allah Jazil! We have published his article below: There are five people of… Continue reading

A Student’s Perspective: “The Best Marriage Gift Ever!”

As the Monthly Noor is a student driven and focused publication, we are always accepting publications including but not limited to articles, artwork, or poetry from students. As such, from 6A wanted to… Continue reading

A Student’s Perspective: “The Ahlayl Bayt and why we should Love them”

Umer Godil, a student of IFSS grade 6B, was awarded in his class for his essay on the importance of loving the Ahlayl Bayt (Radi’Allahu Anhum). We are blessed at Islamic Foundation Sunday… Continue reading

Editor’s Note: The Blessed Family of Rasul’Allah صلي الله عليه واله وسلم

Allah Subuhanahu wa ta’Ala has blessed us all by giving us the gift of Islam. We turn to Him in submission, compliance, and love. But this was made possible by the sadaqah of… Continue reading

~Miracles of the Blessed Sahabah رضي الله عنهم ~

~~A selected few of their miraculous accounts~~ ~IMPORTANT NOTE: This issue is filled with many inspiring stories; however, it is important to realize that people today are nowhere near the iman, character, and… Continue reading

Allah Loves Those

  Allah Loves Those   Allah loves those who do good (2:195) (3:134) (3:148) (5:93) Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean… Continue reading