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Special Days in: Dhul Qa’dah

~*1st Dhul Qa’dah*~ Truce of Hudaybiyah ~*8th Dhul Qa’dah*~ Hajj was made obligatory upon Muslims ~*24th Dul Qa’dah*~ Passing away of Hadrat Tipu Sultan Events that took place in this month ~*5AH*~ Battle… Continue reading

Special Days in: Shawwal

~*1st Shawwal*~ ‘Eid al-Fitr! ~*13th Shawwal*~ Imam Bukhaari was born (194 AH) ~*17th Shawwal*~ Battle of Uhud On this day, the Muslims were confident of victory with their large numbers; however, because of… Continue reading

Our Beloved Prophet: Miracles

The Battle of Uhud

In 3 A.H., the Muslims had just come out of an extremely successful battle the year prior, the Battle of Badr. At that battle, the Muslims defeated their opponents. Many of the Quresh’s… Continue reading

Ibn Muljim– The Khawarij

See article on Shahadat of Imam Ali for context: here Ibn Muljim was known to be a part of the Khawarij, a group of people who created strife during the Caliphate of Hadrat… Continue reading

Editor’s Note: Eid Mubarak!

Alhamdulillah, we have lived through the month of Ramadan, and we sincerely pray Allah allows us and our families to live to the next. During the month, the devils were chained, our nafs… Continue reading