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The Merits of the Hajji

InshaAllah, may reading all of these merits make our hearts yearn for Hajj. Ameen! As reported by Mujahid (RadiAllahu Anhu), Ibn Abbas (RadiAllahu Anhu) once said, “We were in the company of Allah’s… Continue reading

The True Manner of Performing Hajj

Once, one of the students of Shaykh Shibli; the great saint, came to visit him after having performed Hajj. The Shaykh asked him some questions. The student continues the story: “The Shaykh asked… Continue reading

Editor’s Note: The Secret of Hajj

Many Muslims around the world eagerly await the coming of the Hajj every year. It is a pilgrimage where Muslims leave everything behind them to set out on a journey to the House… Continue reading

The Accepted Hajj

It is related that a noted Muslim scholar Abdullah bin Mubarak, had a dream while he was sleeping near the Holy Kaaba in Makkah. Abdullah bin Mubarak saw two angels’ descend from the… Continue reading

Deeds that Equal the Reward of Hajj

Only a select few individuals are invited by Allah to go on the blessed pilgrimage of Hajj. To be cleansed of all sins, and to have love of Allah enter your heart are… Continue reading